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Wait, I’m Confused

Wait, I’m Confused

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Lord, I hope I get this right…

I’m not sure why they placed the signs quite this way. The Women’s Room is actually around the corner outside of the right side of the frame. Yes, I know I’ve composed this to look even more confusing than it is. I still think it’s great.

The Streets of Chicago Project

Every day, as I walk across downtown Chicago, I see countless people living and working on the street.  Some are selling Streetwise, some are flat out asking for money.  I don’t like to give money on the street (who knows what it’s really being spent on, right?), but I got to wondering what else I could do to help these people out in the larger sense.

I thought about gathering stories from these people I see day in and day out.  I’m probably a little too shy for that, though.  So I’ve started taking their pictures as an in-between sort of step.  Maybe I’ll work up the gumption to start conversations as I go along.  My goal with this project is to portray both the humanity and the individuality of a group that is so often seen as one dirty, huddled, anonymous mass.  I’ll post updates as I go along, of course.  In the meantime, here’s one from the other day to get started.

The rest are in this photoset, also on Flickr.