My Meal Had A Face

Can’t sleep – pretty sure the cup of decaf I got earlier at the diner across the street came from the wrong pot.  Perfect time to post to a neglected corner of the intertubes.

Dinner tonight at Yum Yum Too on 9th Avenue in NY.  Food was very good – Tom Kha soup was brothy and not too salty.  Entree was very good too, but more on that in a moment.  Coconut ice cream for dessert was surprisingly good, too.  “Surprisingly” because, to be honest, I don’t typically expect much from dessert at a Thai place.  “Good” because it was just good ice cream – flakes of coconut and all.

Citrus Snapper

Interestingly, Yum Yum Too is the leftmost of three restaurants which look oddly… related.  Yum Yum Too on 9th Avenue. Partly because the signs use the same typeface.  But mostly because the three restaurants are named (from North to South) Yum Yum Too, Yum Yum III, and Yum Yum Bangkok Thai Kitchen.  Odd that there are 3 of them on the same side of the street (I understand the place across the street is also part of the same family of restaurants).  Stranger that they’re named as they are.  Stranger yet that they’re out of order (why *is* III in the middle?).

For dinner, I ordered the Citrus Red Snapper, which really was very good.  The lime sauce was fresh and very bright; the breading on the fish not the least bit heavy or oily.  The salad stacked on top (daikon radish? something similar?) was very fresh and a good contrast of textures. The presentation, however, made the meal.  Dramatic indeed – it’s not often you have the opportunity to commune so directly with your meal as you eat it.


  1. Kim says:

    Yum! You are making me a list of places to eat, yes?

  2. Paul says:

    Several years ago, I attended corporate dinner at a very nice seafood restaurant. There was a very nice young woman sitting next to me, but you could tell at first glance that she was unaccustomed to fine seafood dining and was perplexed as to what to order. The gentleman across from us, trying to be helpful I am sure, recommend a dish, and she cheerfully ordered it. When the food arrived, she was the only one at the table whose dish was served in this same “dramatic” fashion. It sat there, staring at her with those empty eyes, and I thought she was going to start to cry. Fortunately, the wait staff, probably expecting just such a reaction, quickly whisked the plate away and presented it back, within moments, in a more conventional form. She still didn’t eat to much of it.

    Anytime I see a fish presented like this, all I can ever think of is that poor woman on the verge of tears.

  3. kaysootee says:

    “Red Snapper…Verrrrrry tasty!”

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