Even Tea Can’t Just Be… Tea

When you’re obsessed with picturetaking, it’s awfully hard to get anything done.  I extend my commute by stopping along the way to take pictures; I annoy my family, friends and co-workers endlessly, not just because I want to take their picture, but because I want to make a portrait.  Even when I’m not shooting (or processing, which is a whole other post, full of its own frustrations!), I spend hours flipping through Flickr, seeing what other photographers are doing.  Which is usually a bad idea, because even in the mostly anonymous world of online photo galleries, there’s just so much great stuff out there to remind you er… how much you can grow as an artist and technician.

Which brings me to this evening, and the aforementioned tea.

I came downstairs to get some water early in the evening.  Lights in the kitchen were out, and there was water on, for some tea.  It was just late enough to be dark in the room, and I was suddenly frozen in place by what a gas stove looks like when it’s on full-blast and the room is otherwise dark.

My own beverage now completely forgotten, before I knew it, I was bounding up the stairs two by two for my camera and tripod.  I simply had to get up and back and take my pictures, all before the water actually came to a boil.

I love taking pictures, but certainly not enough to hold up my wife’s tea!

The resulting image (below) is all  but straight out of the camera.  There’s still a tiny bit of daylight coming through the window camera left (see the reflection?), but most of the light comes from the stove.  I did a some sharpening, a little bit of work in the curves to boost contrast from the raw image, and a tiny (and I mean TINY) bit of a boost to the blue saturation.  And I’m only mentioning that last part to preserve my artistic integrity – it really looked like this to the eye.

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Click the image to see it on Flickr...


  1. Man… Now I want a glass teapot!

  2. ncarling says:

    I love spending your money, Paul. The Tea Kettle in question can be found at Vivaterra.com

  3. kaysootee says:

    Ooh. It is so glowy blue! Lurvely!

  4. ncarling says:

    Thanks K – I thought so too!

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