A Few More from Holy Name Cathedral

A few more pictures from my excursion to Holy Name Cathedral on February 18th.  Ok, it hardly constituted an excursion – I work within walking distance.

The South Chancel Organ

This is the smaller of  the two instruments in the church.  The 19-stop, 2-manual instrument was built by Casavant Freres, of Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada.

South Chancel Organ

Behind the Altar

This was a treat – most people who see a church never get to walk up on to or behind the altar, since it’s not in the center of the structure like it is in some large churches.  I framed this picture for the aesthetics of it – the three chairs in the front dominate, but from the standpoint of religious significance, these are not the most important parts of the photograph.  Behind the three chairs, you can see the top half of the Cathedra, the Bishop’s Chair (without which, the building would not, after all, be called a “Cathedral”).  On it, are carved renderings of Jesus (in the middle), St. Peter to his right, Saint Paul to his left.  Above the Cathedra, you can see the bottom of several of the Sanctuary Panels – bronze reliefs representing the Holy Name of Jesus, from which the church derives its name.

Behind the Altar

Behind the Altar

The Metropolitan Cross

The Metropolitan Cross, which precedes the archbishop in processions, is rarely seen by most people who wander in to see the church.  As the deacon told us, it was only laying around because it had recently been used, so we were fortunate to get a close-up look at it.

Metropolitan Cross

The Metropolitan Cross

In the interest of artistic integrity, I have to mention that I did peel this one off of its background.  At the particular angle I chose to shoot it (and there weren’t very many other angles available, given the layout of the room), there was a half-painted two-by-four behind the thing, and a window on the left side (almost all of the light in the picture comes from this window), which was way too close to give the piece any space.  All this to say, after an extremely painstaking selection in Photoshop (no kidding – it took me about 45 min just to make an accurate enough selection to make this convincing!), I simply put the subject against a black background.  My apologies to all of the purists out there, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…

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