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Love Aaron

I’m not at all sure what the intended message was here, but I sure hope the recipient gets it.  Is it just two words, as in “Love, Aaron, Peace, Fellowship…”?  Is it from one of those people who writes the end of a letter first (in which case, I might recommend a comma for clarity’s sake)?  Perhaps it’s a command: “Go over there and love Aaron.”  Whatever was meant by it, I sure hope it they used non-permanent paint.

Love Aaron


We went to the Growing Place last weekend, and I spotted this little plant among the herbs.  It was a little windy, so it was hard to get a decent shot without cranking up the ISO and losing some detail, but the colors were very nearly this vibrant.

Borage (also known as “starflower”) is an annual herb which originated in Syria, but also appears in the entire Mediterranean region.  Sometimes also has pink or white flowers, but the blue ones (most common) are amazing.  Blooms continuously through most of the year, even.

Amazing little plant!

Arlington Park

Went to see the ponies last week at Arlington Park.  Not I said “see” – I’m not a betting man.  But for those of us there to watch only, there was a lot to see – unlike a number of other sports, where the spectators are really separated from the action, you can just walk right up to the rail. That day, they were racing on the poly (synthetic dirt track), which is the outer race track.  This was a big bonus – when they race on the grass, the poly track sits between you and the horses.

Below are a few of the photos from that day – the rest of the set is on Flickr.


On second thought, maybe that’s duct tape.  I didn’t get a really close look…