Jenkins Arboretum, Devon PA

Spent a couple of hours the other day with family at the lovely Jenkins Arboretum.  While it wasn’t altogether the best time of the summer for their flowers, I managed to find a few to shoot.

Ox Eye

Ox Eye - Heliopsis helianthoides

Brown Eyed Susans

Brown Eyed Susans - Rudbeckia triloba


Awesome Purple Flower (as yet Unidentified)

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis

What the place was lacking in flowers, though, it made up for in critters.



Large Milkweed Bug Nymphs

Large Milkweed Bug Nymphs - Oncopeltus fasciatus

Large Milkweed Bug Nymphs

Apparently they're friendly. Or just hungry.


Who can get enough of bumble bees?

This guy seemed particularly curious about me. I know that’s quite a lot to say for a moth, but I choose to believe he found the big camera thingy in his face interesting. I know, I know, it just looks like it’s looking right at the camera because the antennae are bent just right.  But hey, check out that proboscis! Thanks Greg for helping me ID this one with at least relative confidence.

Not sure who this is

Ailanthus Webworm Moth - Atteva punctella

Ran into a wedding photographer scouting for an engagement shoot the next day.  The place was pretty dry (area hasn’t had rain for 71 days, but it’s supposed to rain in the next day or two), but there are still some very nice views.

The Pond

The Pond

Hanging Sculpture

Sculptures (for sale) hang all over the arboretum

Looking Toward Valley Forge

Looking toward Valley Forge

A Well Placed Bench

They really make you work for that bench...

The place is well worth a visit if you’re in the Main Line area – very manageable size and a good deal of variety all summer long.  More information on the arboretum here. The rest of this set is here.

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