Capture My Chicago – Update

Just got word that the photo below will be printed in the 2010 Capture My Chicago book. Thanks, folks!

Go Into The Light...

Go Into The Light...

This 160-page, hardbound coffee-table book goes on sale on Nov 26 for $39.95 and includes a DVD with a slideshow of images from each featured photographer. Find out more about this Chicago-based photo community here.


  1. Meera says:

    Congratulations! You’re so talented, it’s so great that it’s noticed!

  2. Kathy Husband says:

    Oh my! I just took a look at your site, this is great news, go NAT!!! am impressed. Richard too, he loved your notecards and said how really professional–!

  3. Nat Carling says:

    Thanks K! Hope you guys are well –

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