Grey Winter Mornings in Chicago

For the last two years, I’ve carried a body, a flash and at least 3 lenses on my commute (in addition to a laptop, etc).  I realized that over the winter that I hadn’t had to charge my batteries in forever – the first of many clues that I wasn’t shooting as much. So lately, I’ve taken to telling people it’s my exercise program.

While it’s true that winter and early spring in an urban area can be a little grey and boring, sometimes grey isn’t boring, if you take the time to start seeing things a little more in greyscale.  Caught this the other day from the Water Taxi (if you’ve never done it, take it – best way to get across the loop – $2, no traffic, faster than walking and runs every 15 min or so most of the year).

A Fog Rolled In

Yes, I realize the photo above is not actually greyscale – I initially tried a few different ways of making it so, and decided it worked better as a color image – to me it emphasizes how “greyscale” the day actually was.

Mist and fog can make for great black and whites though, for the purists out there. This shot of the Sears Tower was from a cold December morning this winter.

Willis Tower on a Misty Morning


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