Drew & Rebecca, 11/18/2011

Shooting a wedding can be really tough. And I don’t mean because it’s a tremendous amount of work (because it is – from the extensive preparation, to the exhaustion of the event itself, to the hours of… workflow that inevitably follow).

I mean because the photographer walks a really fine line between thoroughly covering this major milestone event, and becoming its focus by using supernova-inspired flash throughout the ceremony, jamming an enormous lens in the couple’s faces while they exchange rings, blocking everyone else’s view as the couple goes in for the kiss, and just generally being a nuisance in pursuit of the really special shots you hope the couple will treasure in the decades to come.

Besides exercising some judgment and tact, I believe avoiding this pitfall comes down to creating a certain level of trust with the couple – after all, a trusted friend lumbering around with all of this big, noisy, flashing camera gear is far less distracting than a stranger doing so. If they know what to expect – what you will and won’t be doing during the event – they’ll be far less likely to be distracted while you’re doing it.

In this case, though, the whole wedding was planned very quickly, and I wasn’t hired until about a week in advance. I only had the chance to speak with the couple once, and did not meet them until a couple of hours before the ceremony.

The saving grace was that the attendees turned out to be some of the nicest, warmest, most flexible and inviting people I’d ever encountered.  By the end of the reception, I felt like a part of the family.  So Drew and Rebecca, thank you for making me a part of your special day.

A few pictures from the day:











And of course, I couldn’t leave without documenting this!


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  1. me says:

    Chuck Taylors – much more sensible shoe choice! You can dance for hours in those.

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