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Ice Storm… and I Hear it Snowed in Texas Today

Through the wonder of Facebook, I hear from several friends that the Dallas area got snow today.  We’ve had our share of unusual weather here in Chicagoland in the last 24 hours as well – freezing rain yesterday and through last night.

By the time I woke up today, everything outside was coated in ice.  The trees were bent over, icicles hung from every street sign.  So naturally, the first thing I did was grab my camera and boots and dash out the door.  Click the image below to see the best few on Flickr…

Crabapple Tree

Steam Over the Chicago River

1 Degree this morning when I got off the train, -20 with the wind.  The river was doing its best not to freeze, and the steam was swirling in a wonderfully ominous vortex because of the way the wind whips between the buildings –

Wait, I’m Confused

Wait, I’m Confused

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Lord, I hope I get this right…

I’m not sure why they placed the signs quite this way. The Women’s Room is actually around the corner outside of the right side of the frame. Yes, I know I’ve composed this to look even more confusing than it is. I still think it’s great.