Clouds Over Aurora

The clouds were particularly striking one day last week as I waited for the train to work…

Multi-RAW processed in Lightroom and composited, curved and converted to B/w in Photoshop.

Clouds over Aurora

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Crystal Ball

At a little shop in Lincoln Park this past weekend, spotted a fantastic glass decanter with a glass sphere for a stopper.  Couldn’t help but notice it offered a unique point of view on the rest of the store.

Crystal Ball

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A Lonesome, Lost Sole, Out on the Streets…

Sometimes trash can make the best pictures…

A Lonesome, Lost Sole, Out on the Streets

A Home Run… Next Batter On Deck

As a follow-up to the last post, the plant in question has now bloomed:

Amaryllis in Bloom

And one more on the way:

On deck...

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